October Wellness Retreat

October Wellness

October Wellness hosted by Village Spa in collaboration with Mindfulhabits provides a luxury wellness experience dedicated to igniting your inner muse and deepening your connection with yourself, nature and others while enhancing your authentic beauty both inside and out.

October, 2017

Naya took time from her October Wellness schedule to share her review about at Villa del Palmar Cancún. The returning yoga instructor shares how "You have to come and have this experience!".

Special Guests

Bonnie Ringer - Yoga Instructor

Bonnie Ringer

Yoga Instructor

Erik Delarosa - Fitness Model

Erik Delarosa

Fitness Model

Jamie Delarosa - Fitness Model

Jamie Delarosa

Fitness Model

Naya Rappaport - Maestra de Yoga

Naya Rappaport

Yoga Teacher

Ana Bolio - Instructora de SUP yoga

Ana Bolio

SUP Yoga Instructor

Chef Miguel Bautista- Instructora de SUP yoga

Chef Miguel Bautista

Co-Founder of Vegan Planet Mexico

Janet Goodwin - Fitness instructor

Janet Goodwin

Fitness Instructor

Magali Rodríguez Ramírez - In-house Wellness Guru

Magali Rodríguez

In-house Wellness Guru

Pierre de Laet - Fitness Coach

Pierre de Laet

Fitness Coach