Does Tapping (EFT) Really Work?

Does Tapping (EFT) Really Work?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are a style of Meridian Tapping that blends the ancient wisdom of Chinese acupressure with modern psychology to help you regain power over your life. Tapping has been shown to produce remarkable results for people suffering from a wide variety of issues.  It is a useful tool in managing emotional setbacks such as anxiety, phobias, pain, poor body image, limiting financial beliefs, childhood traumas and weight issues.  

Simple, painless and easy to perform

One of the most amazing things about tapping is that it is simple to perform, painless and can be done just about anywhere.  Once you learn how to tap into your body’s unique ability to heal by stimulating its energy meridian points through tapping with your fingertips, you will be equipped with the tools to let go of the things that are getting in the way of living your best life.  

How it Works

How it Works

As humans, we deal with a wide range of emotions on a daily basis, and unfortunately many of them are negative, whether we are feeling worried, angry or upset.  In addition to stressors that we are currently experiencing, many of us hold onto negative memories that can trigger a response in the body.  Our brains automatically react and prepare the body to fend off the perceived threat (regardless of whether or not we are in physical danger), leading to a rise in adrenaline, tense muscles and spikes in your blood sugar, heart rate and blood pressure.  When our bodies enter this state of fight-or-flight, tapping can be utilized to deactivate our negative response and it instead calms the brain and body by letting us know that we are safe.  

Try Tapping for Yourself

Try Tapping for Yourself

Rather than focusing solely on positive affirmations in an attempt to tell yourself everything is fine, EFT addresses the negative emotions you are feeling so that you can actually accept and resolve them.  As you concentrate on the particular emotional issue that has come up, you tap on each of the body’s 9 meridian points 5-7 times with your fingertips.  The act of tapping on these meridian points while focusing on accepting and resolving your negative feelings can help you reach a calm state of balance.

Chinese Wisdom

Utilizing traditional Chinese medicine, tapping works with the body’s energy, known as “chi”, to heal through stimulating the meridian points.  Not unlike acupuncture, tapping accesses your body’s energy channels to restore clarity and flow.  Thankfully though, tapping doesn’t involve needles, costs nothing and can be performed anytime you need it.  You can tailor each tapping experience to your own particular needs and issues, allowing you to heal yourself.  Release your own power over

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