Special Luxury Spa Treatments for October Wellness

The October Wellness vacation package hosted by the Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun Beach Resort & Spa offers many benefits to inspire you towards healthier lifestyles and for you to enjoy an enriching and mindful stay at the spa hotel on Playa Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico.

Village Spa
Village Spa

Our luxury spa hotel located on Mexico’s Caribbean coast in Cancun invites guests to participate in a month-long wellness event that you can enjoy for just a few days or the entire length of your vacation at Villa del Palmar Cancun. As an integral part of this wellness retreat program, Villa del Palmar Cancun’s luxury spa, The Village Spa, is offering three tailored spa treatments especially for October Wellness in addition to its usual spa treatment menu. Depending on the level of your October Wellness package at Villa del Palmar Cancun and how long you stay at the Cancun spa hotel, up to two spa treatments are included.*

Take a look below at the spa treatments on offer at Villa del Palmar Cancun throughout October Wellness and see if you are tempted by a weekend spa getaway with your partner, or perhaps an indulgent weeklong wellness retreat with your nearest and dearest friends.


Special Luxury Spa Treatments for October Wellness


BE FIT (80 min.)


Especially designed for Villa del Palmar Cancun’s October Wellness vacation package, this luxury spa treatment stimulates blood flow to tone the skin and help reduce fat and cellulite while removing dead skin cells.

The 80-minute treatment includes a heat activated deep massage to help the body to eliminate toxins and body fat. Heat wraps soaked in sea salt and herbs are used upon different areas of the body, concentrating the heat to accelerate calorie and fat burning. At the end of the luxury spa treatment, a firming tonic is applied, leaving your skin more toned and your body with a more slender appearance.

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BE DETOX (80 min.)

BE-DETOXDetoxifying your body is a key component of maintaining beauty inside and out. This luxury spa treatment offered during October Wellness combines the elements of detox, relaxation, hydration and exfoliation all in one treatment releasing tension and leaving you totally serene.

Beginning with a full body massage applying a thermal mud mask, the therapist will use lymphatic drainage techniques which aid the elimination of toxins. These movements are combined with firm movements to massage the back and release tension and knots. The hot mud and movements help to remove dead skin cells while nourishing the skin with the minerals present in the mud. You will leave the luxury spa treatment at Villa del Palmar Cancun glowing like a picture of health.

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BE PURE (80 min.)


The Village Spa’s BE PURE luxury spa treatment has many benefits, such as relieving tension in the muscles, harmonizing the body, reducing physical and mental stress, stimulating blood circulation and aligning the chakras (energy centers). Using an ancient technique that implements heated herbal pindas (sacks), this luxury spa treatment energizes and revives the skin and tissues.  The therapist uses the warm pindas that are imbued with essential oils and healing herbs to massage the the body with slow but firm movements which reduce mental and physical stress. Your skin is left hydrated and revitalized while you feel sublimely relaxed.


October Wellness at one of Cancun’s top spa hotels is a great excuse for weekend spa getaways, wellness retreats or simply healthy time with your family.


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Complimentary Spa Treatments

  • Not included for stays of 3-4 nights or less or when purchasing an October Wellness package upon arrival.
  • Stay of 5-6 nights include 1 treatment per person.
  • 7 nights or more, 2 treatments per person.


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