Sound Healing and Meditation by Iorch Quetzal

Sound Healing and Meditation by Iorch Quetzal

As part of Spa Imagine’s June Wellness program that will take place at Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca Resort throughout the month of June in Puerto Vallarta, teacher, musician, healer and spiritual guide, Iorch Quetzal, will be offering some unique experiences for guests and local participants to enjoy with a healing sound concert and a guided meditation. These special events will take place in the Red Room on Thursday June 16th and Tuesday June 21st, 2016 respectively.

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Iorch Quetzal is a healer, spiritual guide and teacher of various disciplines that promote healing and awakening amongst the human race.

His search for truth has taken him on various journeys of discovery including India where he studied yoga and meditation.

Today he dedicates his time to traveling throughout Mexico leading courses, providing therapy, performing concerts and guiding meditations.


Healing Sound Concert

This concert will be unlike anything you have experienced before; all you have to do is leave your expectations at the door and open your heart to the healing vibrations of Tibetan bowls and other ancient sacred instruments used by Iorch Quetzal to bring harmony between the body-mind and our higher self while raising our frequency.
Be prepared to sit or lie on the yoga mats provided for your comfort and allow yourself to bathed in healing sounds. The sounds you will hear are those healing frequencies that have transcended the centuries, used by monks and shamans throughout history to balance our chakras and connect with a feeling of peace.

In the Red Room at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta
Thursday June 16th, 2016
5pm – 6.30pm

Guided Meditation

Using sound to help us access that realm within us where awareness abides in peace, Iorch Quetzal will lead a guided meditation. This beautiful meditation with live healing music invites us to visualize and make affirmations that enrich our soul and help us make that connection with the wholeness of who were are.

In the Red Room at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta
Tuesday June 21st, 2016
5pm – 6pm

For more information about the June Wellness program, click here.

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