Traditional Mexica Full Moon Ceremony with Miri Metztlixochitl

Traditional Mexica Full Moon Ceremony with Miri Metztlixochitl

Following in the footsteps of Mexico’s revered ancestors, join in an authentic Full Moon Ceremony guided by Miri Metztlixochitl as part of Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca’s month-long program dedicated to wellbeing: June Wellness.  

According to many ancient traditions, the influence of the moon is much greater than modern science would have us believe. You only have to consider the effect the moon cycle has on the tides to deduce that humans, being composed of at least 60% water, could also be influenced by the moon.  The idea is that when we live in harmony with the phases of the moon, we also align ourselves with the cycles of the earth and the animals and plants with which we share the planet. With this in mind, why not come together to harness the energy and the inspiration of the full moon in this unique ceremony on Garza Blanca beach as part of the June Wellness program?

Full Moon Ceremony

Full Moon Ceremony

The Full Moon Ceremony will take place on Garza Blanca’s beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Monday June 20th, 2016 at 8pm and will last around an hour and twenty minutes. Miri Metztlixochitl will lead the ceremony to honor the elements and attract the blessings and abundance that the full moon has for us. Miri will be guiding the ceremony according to the ancient traditions of the Mexica on the beach surrounded by the sounds of the ocean and birdsong from the Garza Blanca nature preserve.

Miri Metztlixochitl

Miri Metztlixochitl

Miri Metztlixochitl, born Miriam Avalos, is a natural midwife who devotes her time to Feminine Wisdom and Childbirth Preparation, as well as temazcals (traditional sweat tents) and home birthing, marriage ceremonies and maternity blessing ceremonies, amongst other services. Her mission is to share the wisdom of our grandmothers and ancestral traditions.

From a very young age, inspired by her mother, yoga, meditation, personal growth and naturism formed a big part of her life, leading her to search for truth in temazcals, carrying out a Vision Quest (4 days in the mountain without food or water) and learning from a rich source of spiritual teachers and guides, including Master Lazarus, Ixzcax, Arturo Meza, Ricardo Lugo, Ángela María Martínez, Amrit Atma Kaur, Verónica Muñíz and Abuela Margarita, amongst others. She is also practiced in alternative therapies such as Reiki, massage, astrology, the Mexica Calendar and Ascensional Reiki, and is a Keeper of the Violet Flame.

Don’t miss out on this transcendental experience where you, the moon and the cosmos become one.

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