Breakfast – The Most Important Meal of the Day

There is no doubt that at some point in your life you’ve heard someone say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  And while most tend to agree, few actually truly understand why it is indeed considered to be of vital importance.


Aside from filling up your empty stomach, a well-rounded breakfast offers a variety of health benefits that make it more important than any other meal. Many people forego eating breakfast due to time constraints and a lack of hunger during the early morning hours, however by skipping this important meal, they are hurting their chances for a productive day, both mentally and physically. Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast can not only give you the energy to start your day, but it also aids in weight loss, concentration and endurance.

An Early Morning Pick Me Up

For many people, taking those initial steps to get out of bed each morning can be extremely difficult. Whether it is because you haven’t gotten enough sleep, are exhausted from an intense workout, or simply feel restless from undesirable stress, it can sometimes be difficult to find the strength to face the day.  By eating a healthy breakfast, you’ll provide your body with the nutrients, minerals and proteins needed for an early morning pick-me-up.  Shortly after eating breakfast, you’ll feel more energized and more alert and that energy will flow through to the rest of your day.

A Natural Weight Loss Supplement

As you sleep, your metabolism goes into resting mode, continuing to work slowly and consistently, but essentially burning very few calories throughout the night. When you wake, your metabolism will remain dormant unless you give it the required elements to kick it into high gear. By eating a healthy breakfast (and “healthy” being the key), you give your body just what it needs to shed those extra pounds and keep it from gaining more.

In addition to boosting your metabolism, eating breakfast can reduce hunger and help you to make healthier meal choices throughout the rest of the day. When we skip breakfast, we tend to reach for the quickest thing in the kitchen because we are already hungry and feel the need to satisfy our cravings. However the quick fix doesn’t always mean it is the healthiest. Most readymade food items are high in fat and sugar content, making them undesirable choices when considering our overall health and wellbeing.

A Natural Weight Loss Supplement


Concentration is Essential

Many masters in their field would argue that concentration is essential to success.  Studies have shown that students and professionals perform better after having eaten a healthy breakfast because they can better concentrate in the classroom or workplace. When we eat breakfast, we are boosting our blood sugar levels, which in turn elevates our memory, alertness and attention span, thus contributing to a more productive day.

Concentration is Essential


Physical Endurance for All Facets of Life

Oftentimes when we skip breakfast, we find it difficult to maintain the strength and endurance to engage in physical activity. Maybe it’s that early morning workout session that seems to leave you exhausted the rest of the day, or simply that walk up the stairs to your office each morning that is more daunting than it should be. Whatever the task, eating breakfast will make it that much easier because your body has everything it needs to keep going.

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