Hydrotherapy Bliss in Puerto Vallarta – Spa Imagine

If there is one thing more divine than treating yourself to a pampering spa service at Spa Imagine at Hotel Mousai on Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, it would have to be accompanying your treatment with time in its soothing wet areas beforehand for some blissful hydro-therapy. Allow yourself to bask in heavenly tranquility on the 15th floor of Hotel Mousai overlooking the ocean and flanked by verdant jungle.

Spa Imagine’s hydrotherapy area is unique by even the most avid spa connoisseur’s standards. Adorned for simple grandeur and elegance, it captivates the imagination with panoramic views that expand the horizon for incredible dreamlike basking. In the spirit of ancient wisdom and in honor of the muses who inspired the name of the hotel, the healing properties of water, Salus Per Aquam (health by water), is at the very heart of Spa Imagine’s enchantment.

Let’s take a tour of what you can expect at Spa Imagine’s pamper-perfect hydrotherapy circuit.

Spa Imagine’s Hydrotherapy Journeys

Based on the premise of alternating hot and cold temperatures for heightened health benefits, Spa Imagine has a selection of spa stations for you to combine, with suggested “hydrotherapy Journeys”, which are carefully designed itineraries that you can follow with an optional positive affirmation to repeat silently, should you so wish. The general recommendation is that you move from a hot station (not exceeding 15 minutes) to a cold station, followed by a rest period where your body temperature regulates once again. If the idea of cold water doesn’t appeal, you can always put your feet up and rest, watching the birds and clouds pass by in the pristine lounge area.

Hot and Cold Pamper Stations

Steam Room: Rest and detox from the troubles of the world in Spa Imagine’s elegant marble steam room.

Sauna: Imagine a beautiful pine-clad sauna with an eye to the ocean.

Pressure Massage Shower: From hot to cold, this lukewarm pressure shower is great for pummeling the shoulders and regulating your temperature.

Six Cycle Vitality Pool: Fun relaxation, this warm pool has six massage stations to target the feet, shoulders, upper back, lower back and full body.


Large Whirlpool: This large Jacuzzi is the central feature of the spa with immaculate views of the heavens.


Cold Plunge Pool:
1 to 5 seconds is all it takes in this ice cold plunge lagoon to regulate your temperature.

Every experience at Spa Imagine can be tailored just for you, so be sure to share your needs upon arrival to the spa so that a customized hydrotherapy journey can be recommended.


Hotel Mousai & Garza Blanca Resort: Highway to Barra de Navidad Km. 7.5, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico C.P. 48390. Phone. 011 +52 (322) 176 0700.

Hours: 8am to 8pm
Email: spaimagine@hotelmousai.com

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