Benefits of Hydrotherapy at Village Spa in Cancun

Most of us would agree that a morning or afternoon at the Village Spa is a totally relaxing addition to our vacation at Tafer’s Villa del Palmar Cancun, but did you know that simply spending time in the hydrotherapy circuit has healing benefits too? In fact, the healing power of water is where the word “spa” originates. SPA is actually an acronym that comes from the latin “salus per aqua,” meaning healing by water; and there is no doubt that the Romans were famous for their therapeutic baths.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The benefits of hydrotherapy go much deeper than having a relaxing time at a spa. The correct use of hydrotherapy is known to help increase circulation and help to detoxify our main organs such as the skin, the lymphatic system, kidneys, liver and colon. Not only do you look and feel better after a session in the hydrotherapy circuit at the Village Spa in Cancun, but your organs receive a spring clean helping them to function at their optimum levels.

How does hydrotherapy work?

Hydrotherapy works on the basis of immersing yourself in water at varying temperatures, namely from hot to cold. This alternation from hot to cold water encourages blood flow, stimulates sweating and smooths muscle tension. The wonderful side effect is that it helps to calm our minds and ease stress, especially if healing herbs and essential oils are used.


The general recommendation for a healthy person using the hydrotherapy circuit at the Village Spa in Cancun is to begin with a hot station such as the steam room to raise your body temperature and stimulate perspiration to eliminate toxins for no more than 15 minutes followed by a couple of seconds in the ice cold plunge pool. Then you are encourage to bask in the warm whirlpool or rest on the loungers until your body temperature stabilizes before heading to the hot whirlpool for a second round followed by rest on the loungers.

What makes the hydrotherapy circuit so unique at the Village Spa is its outdoors location, surrounded by palm trees and the sounds of water fountains and birds. It is hard not to imagine that you are embraced within Cancun’s very own Eden.

For those enjoying a Tafer October Wellness package at Villa del Palmar Cancun, access to the Village Spa’s hydrotherapy circuit is included in your package. Guests purchasing spa treatments will also enjoy free access to the wet areas prior to their scheduled service or you may pay to enjoy the areas whenever you like.


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