Healthy Heart and Lungs

Aerobic Exercise – The Key to Fitness Success

Push the frightening images of step aerobic classes, tight leotards and Reebok high tops out of your head and focus in on a new era, where the versatility and variety of aerobic exercise is so grand that you’ll need an arsenal of excuses not to get in shape. Aerobic exercise, which was made popular during the 80s workout video era, is here to stay and for good reason. It’s not only an important part of shedding unwanted weight, but it might be the key to overall health and fitness success.

Aerobic or Cardio
By nature, aerobic exercise, also known as cardio, is any physical activity that gets your heart rate pumping, while necessitating an increased use of oxygen. By maintaining an elevated heart rate for at least 20 minutes or more, individuals can better their fitness, resulting in an overall improvement of the body’s condition. Not only will you be shedding calories, but aerobic activity has been known to increase stamina, ward off illness, manage chronic ailments and boost one’s mood.

Healthy Heart and Lungs
As one of the essential elements of physical fitness, aerobic activity is of extreme importance. Not only does it help you to live longer, but it also is essential in maintaining a healthy heart, lungs and circulation. As you partake in any cardio workout, you’ll begin to breath heavier, allowing more oxygen into your bloodstream, which will eventually cause your heart rate to pick up, sending more blood back to your muscles and lungs. This productive circuit allows your body to function at its greatest because the added blood will help carry away waste products and release pleasure causing endorphins.


How to Pack in Some Cardio
Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous ways to get in an aerobic exercise, all of which benefit the body in numerous ways. Check out the aerobic classes at your gym. You’ll probably find kickboxing, spinning, zumba and more. And if you’re not into joining the gym, take advantage of a slew of other activities that serve a similar purpose. Whether biking around the city, hiking along a mountainous trail or running on the track at the local high school, you’ll be pushing your heart rate beyond its normal limit. You can even spice it up by dancing the night away, swimming laps around the pool or hitting the local roller rink for some fun with the family. There is so much good to come out of consistent aerobic exercise.

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