Thinking Positively – How the Law of Attraction Can Affect Your Life

Thinking Positively – How the Law of Attraction Can Affect Your Life

Have you ever wondered why some people always appear to be burdened with a heavy load, while others walk through life with everything seemingly handed to them on a silver platter?  For some, when it rains, it pours and catching a break is rarely an option, and for others the grass is always greener on their side of the fence.  You might consider this a coincidence or you might subscribe to the belief that we are the creators of our own destiny and that our thoughts, both positive and negative, have a greater effect on our lives than one could ever imagine.  

The Law of Attraction and how thoughts become things

This new age concept, known as the Law of Attraction may be new in terms of its packaging, but according to those who practice it for positive effects, the law of attraction works whether you believe it or not, and has been around since the beginning of time. The law of attraction has gained a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret published in 2006, which identifies in simple terms how positive thoughts are a magnet for positive life experiences and that negative thoughts have a similar result.  

How does the Law of Attraction work?

How does the Law of Attraction work?

The idea is that as we go about our everyday lives, we send out frequencies each time we think and feel.  According to the Law of Attraction, these frequencies are returned to us in either a positive or negative way, depending upon the mood of the initial thought.  This “like attracts like” philosophy encourages people to send out positive frequencies, which will lead to positive life experiences in the future.  

Tips for getting Law of Attraction to work for you

Tips for getting Law of Attraction to work for you

Some people have even taken the Law of Attraction a step further by fully committing themselves to acting out in advance the gratitude they would feel when they receive something they really want; that is, behaving as though you already have what you want.  Someone who is short on cash, for example, could think about their circumstances in two ways, either lamenting their unfortunate financial situation or by imagining a life where money is never an issue.  Subscribers to the Law of Attraction would say that having a positive outlook on your financial situation would ease your financial strains in the future.  

If you woke up every day and imagined the gratitude you would feel if someone handed you a check for a million dollars than you are sending that idea out into the universe, and when you do so, the universe will respond, eventually granting your wish.  According to the widely believed philosophy, you cannot just say what you want, you actually have to believe it, feel it and act like you already have received whatever it is that you’re wishing for.  

Many followers of the Law of Attraction note that certain visualization techniques are extremely helpful when attempting to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.  The power of the mind and our ability to visualize things that aren’t really there are key to this thought process.  Dream boards, positive lists, diary entries and visual affirmations are all thought to increase the positive experiences one encounters in their lifetime.  It is more than just saying I hope I find love someday; it is really believing you will, feeling the emotions surge through you when you think about love and acting like you have already met the love of your life.  
So next time you’re feeling down, remind yourself to think positively, affirm the positive frequencies in your life, and attract what you truly deserve, a life filled with happiness, love and success.

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