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Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is an experience like no other. When do you regularly get the opportunity to interact with wildlife and become a trainer for the day. Dolphins are particularly intelligent animals and will interact with you, follow you and connect with you in a way that other animals simply can’t do. There are thousands of companies that offer dolphin experiences and if you’re going somewhere like the Caribbean or Mexico then you will have so many to choose from.

Adult couple enjoying encounter with bottle nosed dolphin

Swimming with Dolphins

When you are planning your dolphin swim experience, try to avoid any water parks where the dolphins are enclosed in small swimming pools as the dolphins are restricted by space and often the chlorine added to the salt water can make them go blind. Choose reputable companies instead where the dolphins have larger spaces to swim. Some tour companies nowadays offer the chance to swim with wild dolphins.

What to expect

If you opt to swim with dolphins at a sanctuary, you will get the option to swim with the dolphins, hug them, kiss them and be pushed along by their noses as well as other tricks. You can also choose the trainer experience where you will be taught how to communicate with the animals, feed them and perhaps perform a trick with them.

When you choose a swimming with dolphins tour with a company that specializes in wild dolphin experiences you will spend the day cruising on a boat looking for pods of dolphins in their natural habitat. You won’t have the chance to kiss a dolphin, but you will surely have the chance to swim alongside them. What could be better than diving with these beautiful animals in the deep blue sea?

Tips for swimming with dolphins

When booking any dolphin swim, try your best not to book with a large group because this could hinder your experience as your time with the dolphins will be decreased. Respect the animals and treat them with kindness and they will reward you with a magical experience you will never forget. Wearing sunscreens is also discouraged so as not to contaminate the water where the dolphins are swimming.

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