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SUP Yoga: A New Wave of Excitement

While both Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and Yoga have existed for quite some time, it is only within the last 20 or so years that the two have been gaining popularity all over the world.  Nowadays it isn’t uncommon to see yoga studios everywhere you look and a slew of paddle boarders on every river, lake and oceanfront.

While their popularity doesn’t appear to be on the decline anytime soon, there is a new wave of excitement surrounding the two activities that seems to be surging amongst fitness enthusiasts everywhere.  SUP Yoga, the combined sport of performing various yoga techniques while Stand Up Paddle Surfing, is an invigorating activity that everyone should try.

Healthy Results Doubled


It should come as no surprise that when combining two healthy activities, you get even healthier results.  For those who have taken up SUP Yoga as part of their regular routine, the myriad of health benefits can be seen from head to toe.  Just like in any yoga practice, maneuvering your body into different positions requires the use of your core muscles.  However, by adding the element of a board floating atop of water, you get an even more challenging workout, forcing your muscles to work that much harder.

As the board tips back and forth, you need to engage every muscle in your body, especially your arms, legs and core, to prevent being toppled over and falling into the water.  In SUP Yoga, regular yoga positions, that don’t seem all that difficult turn into a test of true ability when adding water to the equation.

SUP Yoga is also extremely beneficial to a healthy mind.  The sport requires the ultimate concentration as you maneuver from one position to another.  Unlike forms of land yoga, where you focus your attention on breathing, SUP Yoga requires you to concentrate on every aspect of your being.  As you transition between positions, you’ll find yourself focusing on every micro-movement, realignment and your weight distribution.  Being aware of these small adjustments will not only keep you from falling in the water, it will give you a greater understanding of the connection between your mind and body.

Although Stand Up Paddle Yoga is relatively new, there are classes popping up everywhere to guide newbies in reaching their full SUP Yoga potential.  Whether trying it out while on vacation, purchasing a board and heading out on your own, or simply joining a local SUP Yoga crew, you’ll fall in love with this empowering and invigorating new sport.


Tafer’s resort in Cancun, Villa del Palmar Cancun has its very own yoga guru, Ana Bolio, who offers private SUP yoga lessons to guests in addition to standard yoga classes.

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