Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is the act of finding answers to questions by using a pendulum, which is usually some kind of pointed shaped object such as those made from metal or quartz, hanging on a chain or string. Historically, dowsing was used to find the location of precious materials in the ground like water, gold and oil, but has also been used to diagnose ailments and allergies or to answer personal questions. For many, pendulum dowsing is a superstitious act, while some equate it with the types of activities performed by “witches” and pagans in times of old; however, for some, pendulum dowsing is a science not a magic art that picks up on the body’s intuitive reactions to the questions posed to it.

How Pendulum dowsing works

The first thing to do is to “calibrate” your pendulum. That is, to find out what a “yes” and “no” look like. For example, when you hold the pendulum hanging still between your fingers, you ask the pendulum to move to show you what form “yes” takes. It might move back and forth for yes, or from side to side. You do the same for “no” and then you have established your yes and no answers. Likewise, you can make note of the direction that the pendulum moves if it goes in a circle. If the circle is clockwise, it represents a positive or favorable outcome to your questions, and if it moves anti-clockwise it represents a negative response.

Rather than magic, the pendulum moves in response to minute involuntary movements, whether that be a pulse or a slight inclination in your fingertips. The idea is that when you ask the questions, your body or higher mind or subconscious knows the answer and responds accordingly. Some research even suggests that the pendulum responds to electromagnetic energy that radiates from the earth, acting like an antenna.

Diagnosing Ailments and Allergies

For those who are more incredulous of the dowsing pendulum’s power of divination, the idea that the pendulum can help to diagnose certain ailments or allergies seems more logical as the body responds kinaesthetically to the questions posed. According to fans of pendulum dowsing, you can ask your body whether certain types of foods or medicines will be good for you and get a pretty accurate response.

What do you think of pendulum dowsing? Just another superstitious fad or is there something to be said for this ancient art?

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