Lose Weight in 2018

If you are among the countless people who have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in 2018, you will definitely want to check out the food preparation ideas from Rawvana on YouTube. Yovana Mendoza of Rawvana shares a great make-ahead meal plan that will help you kickstart your diet to help you slim down in 2018. She focuses on making healthy meals using wholesome, nourishing foods with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, beans and grains. Her approach to eating well also values your time, and you will learn to prepare a variety of foods for an entire week in just a few hours one day out of the week. This flexible diet allows you to mix and match your dishes as you like to avoid getting bored with any particular meal. Yovana is so dedicated to sharing her tips and tools for achieving a healthy lifestyle that she was even a featured guest during the June Wellness event that was held at Garza Blanca and Hotel Mousai in 2015!

See for yourself how easy it can be to eat healthy, nutritious and affordable foods that taste delicious and also happen to be plant-based by watching this Rawvana video:

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