8 Reasons to Love Lemons

When life hands you lemons, jump for joy because the superfood packs a powerful punch and has more benefits than one could ever have imagined.  The bright yellow fruit not only adds an abundance of flavor to a beverage or dish, but it holds a wealth of healthy benefits that fight away illness, support weight loss and so much more.  

Here are eight reasons to start adding lemons to your daily diet.

  1. The Perfect Way to Start the Day: The ultra-nutritious components of lemons make them the ideal addition to your morning routine.  Squeeze a few into some warm water in the morning to jumpstart your digestive system and add a boost of Vitamin C to your diet.
  2. Protect your Kidneys:  By adding a half-cup of lemon juice to your daily diet.  The extra citrate in your urine will prevent the growth of calcium deposits, which cause painful kidney stones.  
  3. Soothing the Worst of Sore Throats:  A little lemon goes a long way to sooth a sore throat when it is combined with a spoonful of honey.  Forget about the poor tasting syrups sold in drugstores around the world and sooth the worst of sore throats with this home remedy.  
  4. The Basics of an Alkaline Diet: You’ve probably heard a surge of information in recent years about the importance of maintaining an alkaline diet.  Lemons, while seemingly acidic in nature, are actually one of the fundamental basic foods health professionals suggest to balance the pH levels in the body and maintain an alkaline state.
  5. Fever Reducing QualitiesLemons have been known to be one of Mother Nature’s greatest cures for a high fever.  Squeeze a few lemons into a mixture of warm water, honey and cream of tarter for a strong fever-fighting agent.
  6. Say Goodbye to Cancer Causing Cells: The anticancer properties found in lemons are reason enough to add the fruit to your diet.  The citrus limonoids are known to keep your cells strong so that they are less susceptible to cancer causing agents that can wreak havoc on your health.
  7. Lose a Little Weight: The pectin found in lemons is now a proven factor in aiding weight loss.  A little lemon goes a long way in the fight against those undesirable extra pounds.
  8. Potassium Potential:  While bananas have long been thought of as the only fruit to provide a significant amount of potassium, which is essential to a healthy diet, recent studies have found that a single lemon offers 80 milligrams of the powerful mineral.

Time to go crazy over lemon? We think so!

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