Why Dry Brushing Goes More than Just Skin-Deep

Look at any list of spa services and you’ll likely see a plethora of luxurious treatments that include exfoliating scrubs and dry brushing techniques.  While they aren’t exactly new, the two beauty routines have recently been gaining popularity in the cosmetic world for their rejuvenating effects and anti-aging results.  The benefits of dry brushing or utilizing wet exfoliation go more than just skin-deep.

What is Dry Brushing and Why?

Dry Brushing is a technique that utilizes a firm, natural bristle brush to gently caress the skin in a particular pattern provoking a myriad of health and cosmetic benefits.  The ancient beauty practice, which recently found its place in the modern world, has become popular among women who are looking to improve circulation, eliminate cellulite and detoxify their body.

By working upward from the fingertips and toes in gentle strokes toward the heart, one can achieve improved circulation and lymphatic drainage.  The lymphatic system, which is a major part of one’s immune system, carries lymphatic fluid from one end of the body to the other.  Through dry brushing, the lymph that lies just below the skin’s surface is stimulated, increasing its flow and helping the body to rid unwanted toxins.  This cleansing effect is just one of the many benefits that come with dry brushing.

Exfoliation is another common perk to utilizing dry brushing techniques.  As you brush the surface of your skin, you loosen dead cells, which are then washed away when you shower.  Even after the first dry brushing session, skin feels softer and looks more radiant.  Once dead cells are completely cleared from the skin’s surface, your pores will open up and be more susceptible to the moisturizing benefits of your natural beauty products.  Many find that skin feels smoother and more hydrated after a dry brushing session than when utilizing a wet exfoliation technique.  This is due to the fact that your skin swells when submerged in water, making it more difficult to remove oil, dirt and residues from your pores.

While there is little scientific proof, many dry brushers report less visible cellulite after various sessions.  This may be due in part to the increased circulation of blood and oxygen that accompanies the ancient technique.  Dry brushers also reported feeling more energized due to the increased blood flow.  With so many benefits, it’s hard to justify not making the effort to dazzle your skin on a daily basis.

How Often Should I Dry Brush?


The benefits of dry brushing are limitless so don’t hesitate to give your skin a natural boost on a daily basis.  Many brushers find that a five to twenty minute routine before showering in the morning is sufficient to produce desired results.  The key to this technique is finding the time, perfecting the pattern and making sure not to brush too vigorously.  Brushers should also avoid using this technique before bed because of its energizing effects.  Before you know it, your skin will be softer and emanating a magnificent glow.

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