Five of the Best Fitness Apps

Five of the Best Fitness Apps: A Dose of Technological Modernity

Getting in a good workout no longer requires endless hours at the local gym or expensive classes that leave you dependent on guided exercise. With the onslaught of new fitness apps, downloadable straight to your mobile device, staying in shape has become easier than ever. With these top fitness apps, it doesn’t matter if you’re a workout novice or a strict exercise addict, there is something to keep everyone looking and feeling their best.

Take a look at these top fitness apps below:

FitStar Personal Trainer

1. FitStar Personal Trainer: This app, well known for its video fitness program, is the top fitness app on the market. Offering both a personal trainer and yoga function, FitStar creates challenging workouts tailored to fit your needs based on your answers to a variety of questions at the end of each workout session. With FitStar Personal Trainer, it doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner or a trained expert, getting a custom workout has never been easier or more accessible.

Nike+ Training Club

2. Nike+ Training Club: Take control of your fitness routine with Nike+ Training Club, a fitness app with over 100 workouts, designed by Nike master trainers to meet every type of fitness goal. This app provides individuals of varying fitness levels with detailed instruction and easy-to-follow workout plans that encourage you to get in shape. The best part about this top fitness app is being able to share your fitness success with friends, while finding motivation in theirs.


3. Spring: Ever experience a lull in your workout routine that has you feeling demotivated and ready to give up? Avoid fitness failure with Spring, an app designed to provide motivation through music. Studies show that listening to music can strongly reduce time to exhaustion and lower perceived effort, making music a crucial element in a successful workout routine. Use the Spring fitness app when running, walking, spinning or biking and put a little extra beat in your step.

Runtastic Six Pack Abs

4. Runtastic Six Pack Abs: Show off a chiseled physique with the help of Runtastic Six Pack Abs. Follow the instruction of two avatars designed to show you all the right moves in order to sculpt your core and strengthen your overall fitness. With this fitness app, you can choose from a variety of goal oriented workout programs and learn techniques that will help you mold the perfect abs.


5. Sworkit: The perfect fitness app for busy people on the go, Sworkit was designed for those who can’t find time to fit in a hefty gym routine but desire the health benefits of exercise. With Sworkit, you can modify your workout by choosing a fitness goal, setting a time limit and getting started. The best thing about the Sworkit fitness app is that it allows you to get in shape whenever you have a bit of free time.

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