Is running a marathon good for you?

Running is one of the oldest and simplest forms of exercise around, but that doesn’t mean it has little to offer.  In fact, running boasts a slew of impressive health benefits, both physical and mental, especially when you are training for a marathon.  Whether you are a seasoned runner or a complete novice, running a marathon is achievable if you just start small and build up from there.  If you are thinking about running a marathon, take the following rewards into consideration:

Improve your health and get in shape

Almost everyone who trains for a marathon ends up maintaining or losing weight, so it’s a great choice if you want to drop a few pounds.  Running can help control high cholesterol levels and can help lower high blood pressure, too.  Your heart will become stronger from running, helping blood and oxygen to be carried through your body more efficiently, ultimately reducing your chances of experiencing a heart attack.  Your entire immune system will benefit, helping your body function at the very best of its ability.  

Meet new people


One of the great things about training for a marathon is that you can do it with a partner or group, which gives you countless opportunities to meet new people.  Likewise, at the race itself, you will encounter other runners everywhere you turn.  If you really think about it, the potential for making new friends or even finding a date is pretty astounding.  

Support a cause


Giving back is an incredible feeling, and most marathons benefit charities and great causes, whether raising money for disease research or disaster relief.  Knowing that your training is ultimately going to help others will motivate you to stick with it and go the distance.  

Get out and travel


If you suffer from major wanderlust, signing up for a marathon in a country or city you have always wanted to visit is a terrific reason to venture out and see something new.  During the race, you will be able to see a lot of what the area has to offer, and afterward you can get out and see some of the sights.  Many hotels offer discounts to marathon participants, which is even more incentive to travel for a race.  

Spend quality time with loved ones

If you were talked into training for a marathon by a friend or family member, you will have the perfect excuse to spend more time together.  From training together to traveling to the race with one another, spending time together while taking part in a shared interest is sure to deepen your bond.  

As you can see, running a marathon offers remarkable benefits to those who participate!

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