Vitamin C is Good for you Inside and Out

Vitamin C is Good for you Inside and Out!

So, we all know that ingesting vitamin C is good for us, without it our body’s immune system becomes sluggish leaving us victim to all sorts of ailments; but did you know that the application of beauty products containing vitamin C is equally as important, especially to maintain youthful, healthy and resilient skin.

Vitamin C plays a key role in helping to keep your skin healthy and young looking. Young skin is packed with vitamin C but as your skin ages, levels of this nutrient decline. Contributing factors to the aging process include exposure to UV light, cigarette smoke and other pollutants in the air. However, the good news is that this nutrient can be replenished to counteract and sometime even reverse the effects of time.

Today, there are many beauty care products containing vitamin C which target wrinkles, age spots and the general firming of your skin. Vitamin C is a powerful component in the natural production of collagen, which gives your skin the elasticity associated with a youthful face. Likewise, vitamin C’s antioxidant properties can help combat age spots and reduce the appearance of sun damage.

At Spa Imagine, we offer two incredible treatments based on vitamin C, our Vitamin C Facial and our Vitamin C Body Wrap.


Spa Imagine – Vitamin C Facial

A delicious 50 minute Vitamin C based facial with antioxidant properties to combat free radicals that cause skin damage as well as premature signs of aging, dehydration and sun damage. It stimulates collagen production that helps renew the firmness and elasticity that is lost with age; citrus essence helps diffuse staining caused by environmental agents and restores natural radiance and skin tone.


Spa Imagine – Vitamin C Body Wrap

This exquisite Vitamin C based body treatment provides intensive hydration to combat the tell-tale signs of aging, restoring firmness while softening the texture of the skin. During this 50 minute treatment that will seduce the senses and relax the body, a wonderful concentration of citrus with antioxidant properties is applied to the skin to protect against free radicals and repair damage brought by environmental factors.




Hours: 8am to 8pm


Reservations: 011 +52 (322) 176 0700 Ex. 6262 & 6261

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