Sun gazing

Sun Gazing – Getting your Energy from the Sun

Have you ever felt that you need to get into the sunshine to recharge your batteries? For centuries, ancient civilizations have honored the sun, but did you know that some people go as far as to gaze into the sun to receive its powers? (Please note that none of the activities referred to in this article should be performed without consultation with your doctor and guidance by a trained sun gazing expert.)

What is sun gazing?

Sun gazing is a practice that is carried out by a minority of people who claim to receive energy from the sun, some of whom claim to no longer need to eat and are sometimes known as breatharians. The idea is that when you look directly into the sun, so you can receive healing and energy. Sun gazing is done by many religious groups, and it can be very spiritual experience.

Before making any attempts to stare at the sun yourself, you should remember that your eyes are very sensitive, and gazing into the sun for long periods can lead to cataracts, pterygium, solar retinopathy, and it could even cause blindness. Sungazing is considered a dangerous practice.

What is the History of Sun Gazing?

Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) is a teacher whose practice has ‘proven’ that people can survive and live solely on solar energy without eating food. This is also known as the HRM phenomenon. This practice is used for curing ailments such as mental illness, psychosomatic, physical illness, and increasing the memory, and all by just gazing into the sun.

Followers of the HRM practice suggest that you are able to remove any psychological issues and fears, along with raising your confidence, if you sun gaze for three months. They also claim that after nine months you can conquer hunger, and never need to eat to live again.

Hira Ratan Manek claims that everyone has an amazing computer in our bodies: the brain. Our brain has more power than any computer on the planet, and we can use its powers to increase our inner powers. Often these subtle powers in our brain are rarely used but you can activate this area of your brain by sun gazing. The brain gets power from the sun’s energy, and the only way to get this energy is through the human eyes, and this is why one must sun gaze.

Is sungazing right for you?

You should know that sun gazing is not recommended for everyone. Sun gazing can damage your eyes and even cause blindness. If you go outdoors, and you think the sun is just too bright for your eyes, then you shouldn’t sun gaze. If you decide to sun gaze, then start off slowly, and take your time. You should always be careful and try to document your sungazing. One of the best times of the day to sun gaze is right when the sun is rising or right before the sun sets. If you are considering sun gazing, then you should first seek professional advice and investigate the potential harm to your eyes.

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