Starting Off on the Right Foot: Hiking Tours at Garza Blanca

The Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  is quite literally a nature lover’s paradise.  Its lush Sierra Madre mountain landscapes, flowing river and rich variety of flora and fauna make the luxurious resort the perfect setting for a trip accompanied by Mother Nature.  Start your vacation off on the right foot by heading out on one of the various hiking tours offered by the resort and revel in the serene beauty, supernal landscapes and awe-inspiring natural surroundings of the Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta.

Most Coveted Locations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The professional staff at Garza Blanca invite you to enjoy the beauty of one of Puerto Vallarta’s most coveted locations on a guided hiking tour that will take you through the lush tropical jungle that covers the resort grounds.  On the hiking tours, you’ll be able to explore the amazing trails that crisscross the preserve while viewing the wildlife and relishing in the harmonious birdsong that serenades you along the way.  This truly unique experience is made even more sublime as expert guides show you how to identify poisonous plants, recognize birds from their songs and pick berries and wild fruits that are safe to eat.


For those looking for an even more sublime experience, Garza Blanca Preserve offers a guided tour to the river that flows through the preserve.  Much like the hiking tours, the Let’s Go to the River Tour offers guests the opportunity to experience the very best of the Garza Blanca Preserve on a hiking tour through the luxuriant jungle.  Guests are encouraged to become one with nature on a tour that has them trekking down trails and enjoying a refreshing dip in the river.


Bring your family and join in on one of three hiking tours designed specifically to meet the needs of varying individuals.  Each Garza Blanca hiking tour lasts between one and a half to two and half hours and heads out daily from the main lobby of the hotel.  Check with the concierge to see which tour is best for you and start exploring Puerto Vallarta in ways you never imagined.



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