One of the great joys of traveling to a warm, coastal destination is the wonderful sights and sounds of the ocean water surrounding you, and there is no better way to experience the splendor of the sea than from within it.  While there are numerous water sports that will get you out amongst the rhythms of ocean, nothing is quite as thrilling as seeing what is beneath the surface of the water, from captivating underwater caves, tunnels, formations and coral reefs to countless types of gorgeous sea life.  

Snuba? Did I read incorrectly?

Although snorkeling and scuba diving are great in their own rights, there is a new hybrid of the two known as SNUBA, which is taking the experience of underwater exploration to a whole new level.  Read on to find out more about this fascinating new style of water activity, which you can try for yourself in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, along with a bevy of other international destinations.  

Snuba? Did I read incorrectly?

No matter what your previous experience may be in the water, whether you possess only the most fundamental swimming abilities or are a certified diver, SNUBA is a wonderful adventure you are sure to enjoy.  It is simple to learn to SNUBA and does not require any certification, which makes it ideal for couples, families, children and seniors.  There is even a specific program with special equipment designed for children as young as four years old, so virtually the whole family can get involved, allowing you to create unique vacation memories that will last a lifetime.  It can also provide a great opportunity for certified divers to acquaint nearly anyone they travel with who is non-certified with the breathtaking world beneath the water’s surface.  

The introduction to SNUBA is fast and easy; you will take part in a 15-minute safety briefing, during which you will learn about the equipment and find out what to expect during a guided tour.  You will then be fitted with SNUBA gear including a mask, fins, weight belt and harness.  After that, you are ready to swim, breathe and explore the wonders of the sea at your own comfort level, with the reassurance that your highly skilled, certified SNUBA guide is right there should you need any assistance.  

The key to the freedom of SNUBA is in the air supply; you breathe through a simple-to-use regulator attached to an air supply which floats on the water’s surface in a comforting support raft.  The lack of extra equipment and tanks is incredibly freeing and allows you to explore any depth you are comfortable with, whether that is 2 feet up to the maximum depth of 20 feet.  

If you enjoy the beauty of the sea, explore all that it has to offer underwater with this unique new activity that is perfect for creating memorable experiences you won’t soon forget.  

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