Raw Food Diet: A Lifestyle Worth Trying

In recent years, there has been a surge of dietitians, nutritionists and raw food fans who recommend a raw food diet as a great way to lose weight, detox our bodies and generally feel great. It is believed that through the practice of consuming only foods in their natural, uncooked state, consumers can reap the full benefits of food enzymes that are essential in leading and living a healthy life. Raw Foodism, the act of consuming only raw foods, appears to be more than just a fad diet however, it is a completely transforming lifestyle.

A Transformational Lifestyle

According to raw foodies, consuming a diet of only raw, uncooked fruits, vegetables and grains, will lead you to a healthier lifestyle given that you will be able to fight off disease and illness easier than those whose diets consist of higher percentages of altered food. By cooking certain foods, raw foodists believe that you are destroying the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals contained in each food item. In order to fully take advantage of nutritional components, we should leave food in a raw, uncooked state.


Healthier and More Conscious Choices

The raw food diets have recently became popular among individuals trying to lead a healthier, less harmful lifestyle. The majority of its followers are vegans, who consume a pure vegetarian diet free of animal byproducts, including dairy, meats and cheeses. Foods can be juiced, blended, chopped and dried, but they must never be exposed to heat greater than 116 Fahrenheit. In an ideal world, choosing a raw food diet lessens the impact and strain on animal resources and the environment due to the organic nature of the foods.


Benefits of Eating Raw

There are a number of benefits from eating a raw food diet, such as lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, decreased risk of heart attack and diabetes, increased energy and digestion, and a slew of other health related reactions to eating food in its pure form. People who choose this form of strict dieting are also more likely to clean up their act in other facets of life, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption. Many raw food fans report feeling an overall change not only in their physical health, but in their mental and spiritual health as well.


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