Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking – Adventurous Aerobic Exercise

While more and more individuals are heading to the mountainside for an exhilarating biking session, few do so with the intention of getting in an aerobic workout. This might be one of the reasons why mountain biking produces such great physical and emotional results, riders are so distracted by the entertaining challenge that they forget that they’re doing any exercise at all. Mountain biking isn’t just a great way to have fun, it is an adventurous aerobic activity that promotes better overall health and wellbeing.

Adventurous Aerobic Exercise

Adventurous Aerobic Exercise
Whether you’re heading downhill, cross country, or simply hitting the trails, you’ll be astonished at the exhilarating challenge mountain biking provides. The heart pounding activity, which involves riding a bicycle off-road and in typically rough terrain, is the perfect way to improve your heart’s health. Studies have shown that cycling at least 20 minutes can decrease chances of heart disease by almost 50% and with two to three hours a week, lung capacity improves up to 20%. The benefits, however, don’t end there.

The constant desire to push further, go faster and ride harder is one of the many things that makes mountain biking appealing to so many people. Its is also what helps the body build and tone muscles along the way. Riders, who regularly participate in the sport, get the satisfaction of knowing that in addition to shedding pounds and improving one’s cardiovascular health, they are building strength throughout the core of their body and helping to improve their stamina and body coordination.


Exercise for the Emotions
While the physical benefits of mountain biking are undeniable, it’s the emotional benefits that are attracting more and more riders to the challenging sport. Not only does cycling reduce stress, but it can also relieve bouts of depression as the endorphins produced by aerobic exercise run through your body, lightening your mood and helping to reduce your tension. There is even evidence to show that cycling creates a feeling of camaraderie, as individuals subscribe to a biking community where the social benefits are extremely positive.

There is no doubt that mountain biking has a positive effect on one’s mind and body and while there are some challenging courses aimed at expert riders, many off-road terrains are designed to offer a variety of skill levels where riders’ can go at their own pace. This versatile sport provides the perfect aerobic exercise for all types of individuals from all walks of life. Pick up a bicycle today and give mountain biking a try. You won’t soon regret your choice.

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