Kayla Itsines - Instagram Fitness Queen

Kayla Itsines – Instagram Fitness Queen

With a current total of 5.4 million followers on Instagram, Kayla Itsines is enjoying rock-star status on social media as well as in the fitness world.  She takes her slogan, “Fitter, Faster, Stronger”, seriously and so do her millions of devotees, with more than 10 million women committed to her Kayla Itsines program and counting.  Based on her desire to help clients achieve the results they are after quickly and efficiently, Kayla Itsines has developed a lifestyle which combines fitness, nutrition and positive self-image.  After scrolling through the wildly impressive before-and-after photos her clients have posted to social media, you may decide to jump on the bandwagon, too!

Who is Kayla Itsines?

Who is Kayla Itsines?

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, she entered the world of fitness in 2008 when she took a personal training course at the Australian Institute of Fitness.  Once she graduated, she found employment at a personal training center which specialized in women’s fitness, but she quickly discovered that the methods she was taught to employ typically didn’t give her clients the results they wanted to attain.  She constantly listened to new clients saying they wanted to improve their inner thighs, arms, stomach and abs.  Kayla knew there had to be a better way and set about conducting her own research.  From there, she developed her own moves which specifically targeted the areas women struggle with the most.   

Chance of a lifetime

Chance of a lifetime

She got the chance of a lifetime when she was left in charge of the training center where she worked when the manager of the training facility was away.  She was able to do things her way at the facility during this period and quickly designed a simple-to-follow program combining workouts, cardio techniques and nutrition that work together to effectively create a bikini body any woman could be proud of.  

Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body

Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body

Inspired by the rapid progress she saw her clients achieve, she left the training facility to establish her own company, with the goal of guiding more women on an efficient journey to their ultimate bikini body.  With clients noticing jaw-dropping results in 12 weeks or less, the word about her positive methods spread like wildfire.  With one success story after another, she knew she was onto something groundbreaking, and she wanted more women to be able to benefit from her proven system.  

Instagram and Facebook Fitness Queen

She chose to use social media to her advantage by using Instagram and Facebook to get the word out and share her ideas on training on nutrition.  She posts amazing client transformations, tips for healthy eating and training advice, and women from all over the world have responded with wild enthusiasm.  She is thrilled that through her passion for fitness, she has been able to inspire so many women to lead a healthier lifestyle and touch so many people’s lives.  

Feeling inspired? Why not try the Kayla Itsines workout?

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