June Wellness Detox Wraps

As a lush inclusion featured in the June Wellness Retreat Package hosted by Spa Imagine at Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you will enjoy a choice between two exquisitely tailored detoxifying wraps to help aid your commitment to wellbeing for a calm mind and happy heart.


Choose between a Green Tea Seaweed Wrap and a Dead Sea Mud Wrap:


June Wellness Green Tea and Seaweed Wrap

Tailored for June Wellness, Spa Imagine has modified its current popular Green Tea and Seaweed Body Wrap adding an extra element of volcanic clay to make an even more intense detox treatment that is ideal for accompanying the healthy routine offered throughout June Wellness. As is customary at Spa Imagine, the intensity of the detox and the products used will be personalized for your skin type and specific needs.


This detox body wrap is ideal for even the most sensitive skins and will leave you totally relaxed and calm, with fully moisturized and replenished skin. The treatment begins with an invigorating exfoliation selected for your skin type, followed by the detox wrap which will combine volcanic clay, green tea and seaweed according to your skin’s needs. After relaxing for a while cocooned by the specialized wrap, allowing the therapeutic properties to infuse your skin, you will take a shower in preparation for a full body massage.


June Wellness Dead Sea Mud Wrap

As an alternative to the Green Tea and Seaweed Wrap, Spa Imagine’s Dead Sea Mud Wrap is applied to the whole body and then covered in a plastic sheet that helps the body absorb all the active ingredients offered by the products used. The treatment is a lavish combination of mud and salts from the Dead Sea, one of the richest sources of minerals on the planet.


When the Dead Sea mud is applied all over the body, it helps to purify the pores and improves circulation, activating the metabolism which helps to combat cellulite with a firming agent. The naturally high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium of this refreshing wrap ensures a totally revitalizing experience, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Join Spa Imagine in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for its June Wellness Retreat and leave with a calm mind and happy heart!


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