Hydrotherapy at Spa Imagine in Puerto Vallarta

So, you’re booked in for a wonderful treatment at Spa Imagine at Garza Blanca Resort and Hotel Mousai, but did you know that this spa has an extensive hydrotherapy circuit? It’s true! The Spa Imagine’s circuit is the most extensive in the city.

Spa Imagine’s Stunning Wet Areas

Spa Imagine’s Stunning Wet Areas

When you book a massage, body treatment, or special package at the Spa Imagine you gain complimentary access to the hydrotherapy circuit, but if you wish to use only the wet areas of the spa you can book time there too.

If you want to make the most of the circuit we would recommend turning up 60 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that you can try each station. The hydrotherapy circuit will detox and destress you, putting you in the right frame of mind to get the most from your booked appointment.

Here’s what’s on offer:

Steam Room

This sumptuous marble steam room is luxurious and relaxing; the steam will open your pores and aid your body in the release of toxins.


The heat of this gorgeous, pine-finish sauna will restore your mind and body while you enjoy stunning ocean views.

Pressure Massage Shower

Pressure Massage Shower

Whether you heated things up in the sauna or steam room you can doll down again in the luke-warm, power massage shower which will release tension from your upper back and shoulders.

Six-Cycle Vitality Pool

Six-Cycle Vitality Pool

This six cycle, warm plunge pool has six mini massage jets to focus on areas that might hold tension, like the shoulders, lower back, feet, and upper back.

Large Whirlpool

The large Jacuzzi that can be found in an area with stunning views of the horizon; let the bubbles and heat take you away to a place of pure relaxation.

Cold Plunge Pool

Finish it all off with a dip in the ice cold plunge pool to stimulate every inch of your body. A few seconds is all it takes to rejuvenate your skin, hair, and soul.

The power of water has long since been hailed by peoples from all over the world, and it is widely accepted that hydrotherapy contributes to overall wellness. It is best, however, to take time between each station to let your body temperature return to normal.

Take your chance to bask in the best hydrotherapy circuit in Puerto Vallarta when you visit the Spa Imagine this year; you won’t regret it, trust us!

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