Hotel Mousai’s Spa Imagine Inspired by Chakras

The luxury of Hotel Mousai extends to the peaceful atmosphere at Spa Imagine, where the body’s seven chakras, or energy centers, have played a large part in the spa’s design.  The chakras are found at various points on the body, ranging from the top of your head down to the base of your spine, and their inspiration is at the heart of Spa Imagine.  Prana (energy life force) flows through these energetic centers in the body, and those who meditate, take part in wellness travel or practice yoga can surely attest to the power of the chakras.    

What are chakras?

Meaning disk or wheel in Sanskrit, “chakra” is a term used to describe various points found along the spine where energy gathers in a vast collection of nerve centers.  The chakras are considered to be an integral part of managing the various systems in the body, ranging from organ function to your intricate range of emotions.  It is important that your chakras are kept in balance, enabling a proper energy flow to remain throughout the body.  There are many techniques that are effective at “releasing” or “opening” your chakras in order to achieve a deep sense of inner tranquility.  

The Therapy Rooms at Spa Imagine

Spa Imagine is a space where your mind can wander freely, allowing the body to fully relax.  Each therapy room has been named for the sound that corresponds with one of the seven chakras: HAM, LAM, OM, RAM, SHAM, VAM and YAM, and an additional suite called AURA.  You will discover that each spa suite has been carefully designed with subtle details that recall the color and precious stone linked to each energy center for an especially healing space.  

For an individualized, private session, book one of the five solo suites devoted to restorative healing, inner contemplation and total relaxation.  Three additional sumptuous specialty suites provide the perfect setting for customized spa experiences such as romantic packages, couples massages, and pampering treatments for bridal or bachelorette groups.  These larger spaces are ideal for therapy sessions that will include more than one client.  

The concept as well as the design of Spa Imagine were both deeply influenced by the chakras.  The spa intends to be a calming refuge from the stresses of everyday life for each client who enters its doors.  The chakras even have an impact on the teas that are served after every treatment, with seven different flavors to choose from that correspond with a specific chakra.  

If you are interested in aligning your chakras while staying at Hotel Mousai, book the Chakra Balancing Ritual offered at Spa Imagine.  Utilizing a blend of comforting essential oils, exfoliation and a customized massage that addresses individual needs, this divine spa treatment targets the energy centers of the body to bring forth a newfound sense of balance.   

With a visit to Spa Imagine, you can look forward to an inner feeling of restful harmony thanks to the inspiration of the chakras.  

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