Hot Stone Massage in Puerto Vallarta at Spa Imagine

Hot Stone Massage in Puerto Vallarta at Spa Imagine

There are massages that can take you to another level of relaxation, that will leave you full of tranquillity, serenity and peace, transporting you to a whole new dimension of wellbeing where you will feel renewed, revitalised and in sync with your inner self. The Hot Stone Massage Experience at the Spa Imagine is one such massage that will leave you ready to reinvent yourself and seek harmony with whatever the future may send your way.

The History of Hot Stone Massages

The History of Hot Stone Massages

Historical sources show that hot stones were first used in massage techniques developed by the Chinese over two thousand years ago where they were used to soothe a variety of ailments as well as to aid the internal workings of the body. Sources show that hot stone massage techniques were also used in Europe, North and South America, India and Egypt where hot stones were used to help cure diseases and alleviate maladies as well as having special places in ceremonies such as sweat lodges. In many cases the stones were placed in patterns on various parts of the body in order to diagnose and cure maladies.

Spa Imagine’s Hot Stone Massage

Spa Imagine’s Hot Stone Massage

Today at Puerto Vallarta’s Spa Imagine, this ancient wisdom has been combined with advances in massage technique and the result is a therapy which is both physical and spiritual in nature and benefit. This is one truly unforgettable massage which will leave you with a newfound connection to your innermost feelings. It does so by incorporating the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Air and Water

The treatment starts with a tribute to “air” when the room will be set to a temperature which suits you, the therapist will then spray a diluted essential oil, tailored to your treatment and mood, into the air. Water will come forth when the therapist cleanses your feet while you close your eyes and focus on the precious stone in your hand. The aim here is to immerse yourself purely in the present moment so that you may get the most out of your hot stone massage.

Earth and Fire

The next stage of the hot stone massage at Spa Imagine will take you to the massage table to lie face down. The elements of fire and earth are brought together in the heated volcanic stones which are used throughout the treatment. To help you acclimatize to the heat and pressure of the stones, the therapist will first dance them lightly across your skin before placing them over your chakras. These centres of energy can be found along the vertebra in your spine. Once the stones are in place and you have become accustomed to the heat, your therapist will begin the massage, manipulating your muscles using the smooth hot stones that are lubricated with a neutral, unscented oil. The hot stone massage can be as deep as you like, just let your therapist know what’s comfortable as you go along. The stones will also be used to massage your arms and legs, and after the back massage you will be left in a state of pure relaxation and bliss.

The Magic

Relaxed after the back massage, the real magic is just beginning. When you turn onto your back, the hot stones will be placed at key points under your shoulders, arms, neck and knees. The massage will then continue as more hot stones are used to further release the tension in your arms and legs. The massage will continue to your face where baby stones will be used to stimulate your cheeks, neck and temples. At this point, sensitive individuals may find themselves engulfed in euphoria or moved to tears as emotions and tensions are released. It all depends upon the person in question.

To mark the end of the hot stone massage experience at Spa Imagine in Puerto Vallarta, the therapist will remove all of the stones from beneath your body, sealing the treatment with an inhalation of specially chosen essential oils.


The benefits of a Hot Stone Massage at the incredible Spa Imagine include, but aren’t limited to:

– stimulation of the circulation

– Promotion of self-healing

– Relaxation of the muscles and release of tensions from the body

– The release of toxins

– Soothing of muscle pain and spasms

– Generation of a sense of peacefulness and harmony

– Encouragement of a deeper connection with your spiritual self.

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