Choosing the Right Footwear

Choosing the Right Footwear

There is, without a doubt, a lot to consider when choosing the ideal exercise routine to suite your needs.  While some fitness activities require a plethora of additional equipment, others require nothing more than the perfect pair of shoes.  Whether you are an avid runner, an aerobics fanatic, a casual mall-walker or someone who is obsessed with crossfit, finding the right shoes to support your feet is essential.  Choosing the right footwear can make the difference between an invigorating and successful workout and one that fails you in multiple ways.

Tweaking Your Choices

Tweaking Your Choices – Different fitness activities require different shoes.  Take the most basic exercises, walking and running, as the perfect example as to why you should tweak your shoe selection and add multiple workout tennies to your repertoire.  Walking requires the use of firm shoes, while running requires a more flexible shoe with extra cushioning to absorb the impact as your feet pound the pavement.  In order to get the most out of each exercise, you shouldn’t use the same shoe, but rather a specific pair for each activity.  

Choosing the right footwear for you

Choosing the right footwear for you – Everyone’s feet are different and that is part of the reason why there are so many options when it comes to choosing the right footwear.  Know your feet and choose the shoe for you based on your needs, not on your fashion sense. If you have a high arch, look for a shoe with significant arch support.  If your feet are wide, opt for a shoe with plenty of room and be sure to check out a variety of sizes before you make a purchase.  Some brands have a tendency to run small or big and that could influence the size you choose.  

Optimal Purchase Time and Place

Optimal Purchase Time and Place – Believe it or not, there is an optimal time to purchase a new pair of tennis and it isn’t necessarily the same time for everyone.  First thing in the morning, your feet tend to be less swollen than after hours spent walking around or exercising, so the perfect time to buy new shoes is in the evening or after you’ve exercised, when you can really test for the correct fit.  

The Broken-In Feel from the Get-Go

The Broken-In Feel from the Get-Go – There is no such thing as the breaking in period!  If the shoe doesn’t fit comfortably from the get-go, it isn’t the right shoe for you.  Make sure they fit tightly around your heel, comfortably around the top of your foot and that there is wiggle room for your toes.  There is nothing worse than feeling your little piggies all scrunched up and cramped for space while running on the treadmill, lunging on the mats or jumping around.  

Replace Them Often

Replace Them Often – Keeping your tennis shoes in good shape can be a difficult task, especially if you like to exercise a lot.  The best way to ensure your feet are getting the support they need is to replace your shoes often.  Once they start feeling worn out or that they don’t fit as well, it is time to get a new pair.  While this doesn’t seem like the most economical option, it will save you tons of money on doctor visits and expensive surgeries later on in life.  

Choosing the right footwear for your exercise routines is key to preventing aches and pains throughout the entire body.

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