Chakra Balance Ritual at Spa Imagine

The dazzling Spa Imagine at Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is fully dedicated to tailoring peerless experiences to the needs and preferences of each esteemed guest. At the heart of its extensive professional menu lies a warm commitment to customized treatments that aim to enhance the health and beauty of everyone that passes its welcoming doors. As such, Spa Imagine offers a series of signature experiences such as the celebrated two-hour Chakra Balance Ritual which can be personalized each step of the treatment for a totally bespoke spa service.


Chakra Balance Ritual

The Chakra Balance Ritual at Spa Imagine aims to promote balance in a holistic, soothing way by aligning the body’s energy centers known as chakras through a ritualistic treatment that includes the application of carefully selected essential oils.

The ritual begins with a simple written questionnaire which will help your therapist ascertain which essential oils will form the basis of your Chakra Balance Ritual according to your mood, health and goals. The first essential oil that is selected with be used in a customized body scrub intended to stimulate the body and skin through a soothing yet revitalizing exfoliation. The second oil chosen will form part of a relaxing massage, which can also be tailored for your particular preferences and requirements; followed by a full body mist featuring the third essential oil. To complete your signature experience, a gemstone ritual will be performed to bring balance to each of the chakras.

Regardless of whether you are familiar with the chakra system, or indeed believe in its validity, you may be interested to know that the areas of the body represented by each of the chakras also relate to the body’s physical organs and systems. Therefore, balancing your chakras is as though you were harmonizing the healthy function of your body. Spa Imagine acknowledges the importance of harmonizing the chakras, having named each of the therapy rooms after one of the chakras, including the aura, as well as offering teas that focus on balancing each of the chakras in its special Tea and Infusion menu.

Why not indulge in a spa getaway at Spa Imagine in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and align your chakras with a signature experience set to harmonize your mind, body and soul?



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