Body Wraps, just royal treatment or needed to preserve the health of your skin?

Receiving a spa treatment is always a wonderful way to spoil yourself, and enjoying a body wrap is an excellent way to hit the reset button for the body as well as the spirit.  There are now more types of body wraps available than ever before, designed to target a variety of different needs.  From exfoliation rituals and herbal aromatherapy concoctions, to detoxifying clays and moisturizing oils, body wraps can be completely customized to fit your personal wish list.  Once the appropriate mixture is applied to your skin, you will gain some blissful downtime while wrapped in materials ranging from a sheet or cloth bandages to plastic wrap so that you gain the most from your treatment.  Afterward, you will emerge from the spa with a newfound sense of physical and mental wellbeing.  

Take a look at some of the ways you can benefit from receiving a pampering body wrap at the spa:  



There are many elements of a body wrap that can help detoxify the skin, especially those that feature various sea salts, seaweed, algae, mineral-rich mud or clay which can have the ability to draw impurities and toxins from the pores of the skin.  It is remarkable what a difference a body wrap can have on the appearance and tone of the skin after the toxins are removed, imparting a lit from within glow.    

Hydrated Skin


Just about every type of body wrap out there features moisturizing ingredients that deliver intense hydration to the skin.  A nourishing treatment will leave you with a noticeably smoother, more supple looking complexion.  

Say goodbye to dead skin


Many body wraps begin with an exfoliation treatment that helps to lift dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.  This can give your epidermis a more even appearance and an intense radiance that will have you looking and feeling incredible.  

Temporary weight loss or inch loss


Although the effects are short-lived (a day or two, tops), a body wrap can help the body to appear sleeker and can even help you drop a dress size if you have an important event to attend.  Any excess toxins or water that your body is holding onto will be flushed out while sweating, which will also help tighten and tone the skin.

Truly unwind


Although a body wrap offers many outward physical benefits, one of the most underrated parts of the experience has to be the blissful relaxation you feel throughout the treatment.  From the application of exfoliating and moisturizing products, to the peaceful feeling you get once you are all wrapped up, enjoying a calm moment to yourself is definitely something to treasure.  

For a delightful spa treatment that delivers wonderful results, look no further than a body wrap!

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