Body Wraps – A New Twist on an Old Treatment

Historically, body wraps have been used throughout the ages to detoxify, heal and reshape the human body.  While ancient customs focused on the health benefits of such procedures, modern desires to lose weight fast have given traditional body wraps a bad name.  However many spas throughout the world are putting a new twist on an old treatment, thrusting indulgent body wraps into the trending limelight with promises of a myriad of health and aesthetic benefits that appeal to all sorts of individuals.  

Therapeutic Benefits of Body Wraps

Developments in the cosmetic industry over the past 30 years have given way to a variety of body wrap spa treatments that are designed to maximize therapeutic benefits and offer a variety of cosmetic rewards. Not only can these therapies help to detoxify and heal the body, but they also help to restore minerals, reduce joint pain, nourish the skin and rehydrate the body.  As an added bonus, the rejuvenating effects of modern body wraps leave spa goers looking and feeling their best.    

Modern Variations

Many spas currently offer modern versions of the traditional body wrap, which often begin with a cleansing body scrub to rid the skin’s tissues of toxins and other impurities.  Following the cleansing, the application of a variety of materials takes place, ranging from detoxifying seaweed and clay to hydrating shea butters and essential oils that then get wrapped up and heated for a predetermined amount of time.  Upon removal, some spas offer a delicate massage that utilizes additional moisturizers to leave the skin feeling silky smooth and looking more sultry than ever.  

Over the years, body wraps have become more recognized more for their relaxing benefits than for supposed weight loss results.  There is something innately calming about being left to your thoughts, while surrounding by the sweet aromas, serene music and luxurious confines of some of the world’s most lavish spas.  Spa goers often leave feeling an intense relaxation that makes getting a body wrap well worth the time.    

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