Benefits of Regular Massage Sessions

For those of us who like massages, there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying regular massage sessions. There are so many benefits that come with having a regular massage,  both physically and emotionally.

Massage is the practice of having your skin, muscles, and tendons pressed, rubbed, kneaded and manipulated to relieve pressure and tension in the body. Not only do professional massage therapist use their hands and fingers when they perform a massage, but they can also use their feet, arms and elbows. A good massage can consist of a light effect, but there are also other massages that you can get which include deep tissue massage, such as Swedish massage.

The benefit of taking regular massage sessions is that massage therapists can get to the heart of any tensions, rather than simply relieving the symptoms. Sometimes it takes a number of sessions to alleviate particularly tight muscles or difficult knots that have accumulated over time. If you receive massages regularly, then your body and mind can start to see major changes.


Common Benefits of Regular Massage Sessions:


Relief from Pain

Massage is an excellent option for both localized and general pain relief. Massage therapists can help to alleviate pain in the muscles and areas of accumulated pain by stimulating blood circulation in those areas and gently loosening the tight muscles. This is highly effective for arthritis, sports pain, and other pain that you experiencing in your muscles and joints. Thus, by taking regular massage sessions, you cut down on pain medication.


Boosts Immune System

Regular massages boosts the immune system and helps to decrease the production of stress hormones that zap the immune system.

Manages Stress

One major benefit from routine massages is managing stress. Stress often occurs with daily life at work, home, and with family members. Just having a massage once or twice a week will not only assist in managing stress, but also provides relaxation and helps you to get more restful sleep.


Helps with Emotional Disorders

One great benefit of regular massages is being able to manage emotional disorders. You can lower depression, anxiety, and stress with massage treatments. A massage will improve your overall state of mind and assist you in concentrating fully.


Relief from Fibromyalgia

The Miami Touch Research Institute performed studies on patients with fibromyalgia pain and found that patients who received regular massages, were helped with their symptoms of stress, depression and pain, especially when combined with electrical stimulation.

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