Top 5 Spa Treatments at Garza Blanca’s Signature Spa Imagine

The buffering our faces and bodies give us as we journey through life is truly amazing. Therefore, we all continually need maintenance. And what better place can you imagine to repair yourself than a visit to a Spa Imagine in one of the Garza Blanca resorts? Nowhere that we can imagine anyway! That’s why we’ve assembled for you a list of the top 5 spa treatments by popularity and gleaned insider knowledge on practices and explanations, so you know exactly what delights to expect.

If you are considering speaking to your soul in the absence of noise, you will definitely find some answers to life questions should you decide to visit. Yet a question you may have is which treatments should I indulge in first, if I decide on Spa Imagine treatments, in either Cancun, Los Cabos, or Puerto Vallarta?  

It’s hard to say because the spa treatments are all united for the same benefit – to pamper you in ways that are out of this world! And there are many full spa treatments to choose from. 

Meet the top 5 spa treatments that possess a wow factor for wellness enthusiasts: 

The HydraFacial 

If you are serious about achieving an ethereal glow, or skin that’s silky to the touch, incorporating a HydraFacial into your spa visit brings rapid results. 

The HydraFacial is a facial, but not (just) a facial, for everyone. With different device tips, boosters, and other enhancements on the patented machine, different customizable treatments can be given, with combinations to personalize every experience for any skin concern. 

The facial is highly regarded worldwide as a non-invasive treatment that combines deep cleansing, microdermabrasion, extraction, and hydration, to improve the texture and tone of the skin. The steps broken down: 

  1. Cleanse and peel 
  1. Extract and hydrate 
  1. Fuse and protect  

The HydraPeel Tip is used to introduce serums into your pores. The spiral design of the HydroPeel Tip, when combined with HydraFacial’s proprietary vacuum technology, creates a vortex effect that gently dislodges and removes impurities, while simultaneously delivering hydrating skin solutions through the serums that are being introduced.  

LED light therapy is used to stimulate collagen and elastin, which aids in the reduction of wrinkles and evenness of skin tone, and targeted add-ons can address specific skin concerns, such as brown spots or fine lines. 

At Spa Imagine, the application of a “Lamina Lift Mask” is included. This is a hydrating seaweed mask that helps to reduce inflammation, leaving skin invigorated. 

HydraFacial treatments are offered in 50 or 80-minute sessions. The 80-minute HydraFacial includes a special booster treatment, foot massage, a deeper facial cleansing, and a lymphatic drainage massage. 

The Binary Premium by RÖS’S 

Spa Imagine’s newest technology to restore beauty and health is the innovative Binary Care machine, which is already among the list of the top 5 spa treatments at Spa Imagine. This machine combines aesthetic technologies and includes a new type of facial and body treatment, which uses electrodes and capacitive currents to bring you unprecedented results. 

Diathermy is used for therapeutic purposes in medicine and involves applying moderate heat to deep tissues in the body. This deep heat increases blood flow to the site of pain and can accelerate healing for issues such as back pain, sprains and strains, and arthritis.  

The Binary Premium by RÖS’S is a professional technology that uses both capacitive and resistive diathermy, which means this treatment is unlike any other treatment you will experience, since it utilizes electrodes to deep heat the tissues in your body. The therapy uses capacitive current, which means that by means of electricity it can aid in the regeneration of skin and muscle cells. There are two types of electrodes used by the therapist: small circular electrodes are used for your face and larger ones are used for your body. The technique, through a multi-functional device that the therapist moves over your face and body in a circular motion, creates the sensation of warmth within your body. The therapist can adjust the level of warmth you experience during your treatment, but since the warmth in your body will help with the healing process, the more warmth you can handle, the better for you and your body. The products used for application include regenerating serum and conductive gel.  

Electro-stimulation helps with toning and body remodeling; resistive diathermy provides biostimulation for the bones, joints, and targets fat with anti-cellulite applications; and capacitive diathermy helps target the underlying causes of sagging skin and includes skin and muscle firming with anti-aging lifting effect. The procedure combines electro-lifting, electro-firming, and electro-sculpting – and the treatment works on both the face and body. The silver electrodes work to oxygenate and moisturize while the black electrodes are used for regeneration and dermal recovery including toning, lifting, and contouring. 

The treatment has been proven to help with skin recovery from burns, stretch marks, and scars, cellulite and capillary reduction, pain treatment, sports rehabilitation, and even pelvic floor recovery. 

You can choose from an electro-lifting facial with oxygenation for the skin, or for the body, currents to tighten skin and muscle, firming and sculpting body treatments, and anti-cellulite applications. Whichever treatment you choose, you will notice immediate results, so you will leave feeling and looking better than ever! 

*Please note that this treatment is not suitable for pregnant women and people with pacemakers. 

A Couple’s Massage 

Are you as a couple exhausted in your lives, or drowning in overwhelm? To help you escape hustle culture and reach your most important goals together, a couple’s massage is fun! 

You may choose from the Soul Connection, an exfoliation to cleanse the skin and prepare each of you to receive the benefits of a massage with firewood fragrance wax. The soy candles turn into an aromatic liquid wax for massages with healing properties. 

Or try the Peaceful Paradise of Love Experience, where you get to relax together in the privacy of a luxurious spa suite for couples; with personalized facials, followed by a relaxing aromatherapy massage.  

The Anahata Couples Massage lets you enhance the flame of passion and rekindle romance like never before with this ritual for lovers. Wine and chocolate-coated fruits are included. 

The Ancestral Hot Stone Massage 

What’s in a name? If it happens to be the Ancestral Hot Stone Massage you can rightly imagine this treatment is going to be nature-rooted, a body session combining the four principal elements of nature: air, water, fire, and earth – to balance the mind, body, and spirit.  

Ancient Hot Stone Massage at Garza Blanca’s Spa Imagine

The hot stones draw on global traditions to heal, and the staff will help dissolve any of life’s tensions, by knowing exactly where to place, and when to glide the stones on your body. 

Some of the benefits of the Hot Stone Experience include: 

  • Stimulated circulation 
  • Promotion of self-healing 
  • Relaxed tension  
  • Released toxins 
  • Soothed muscle pain  
  • Peacefulness  
  • Connection with spiritual nature. 

 Essential oils are used throughout, and a foot massage is included. 

The Anti-Aging Tropical Body Wrap 

For breakfast, your body has ordered a papaya, pineapple, and calcium smoothie… 

Anti-Aging spa treatment

Wait, do you mean an Anti- Aging Tropical (smoothing) Body Wrap? 

Treat your body to what it’s been craving with a papaya-pineapple body wrap, containing natural butter, calcium, vitamin A content, pomegranate extract, collagen polypeptides, and firming elastin polypeptides.  

This luscious butter formula is applied to your entire body for a glorious sensory experience and skin is deeply nourished as you are enveloped by the scent of vanilla and enticing tropical fruits, revealing an astonishing youthful semblance all over. 

Bringing Your Mind Back to Life and Resurrecting Your Body 

Previous spa visitors have described their beauty treatments as mesmerizing, magical, and experiences of a lifetime. You may wish to indulge in some, maybe all of the above top 5 spa treatments, to prolong your fountain of youth.  

Wellness month

Spa Imagine is a place where you can immerse yourself, feeling the tenderness in the therapist’s hands as you escape reality within magical havens. And within Spa Imagine at Garza Blanca Cancun, set to open later this year, guests will want to try these treatments as soon as possible and experience all the new spa offers. 

The desire of the staff there will be to help you experience a place where the being can evolve to a level where the body is simply allowed to be. 

Lastly, there’s one more treatment surprise – and it’s available in all 3 resorts- the Hydrotherapy Circuit! 

The Hydrotherapy Circuit 

Sometimes reality slips away, sometimes it rushes, and with a water journey using the hydrotherapy circuit, many clients reach a state of Nirvana promptly. 

Hydrotherapy Spa Imagine Garza Blanca Los Cabos Resort

State-of-the-art facilities using H20, for steam, bubbles, heat, and tranquility, help the body strive towards optimal well-being and balance. Aided by the combination of hot and cold stations during the ritual, this treatment honors the healing properties of water. 

The circuit includes a sauna, a steam room, pressure massage sensation showers, a hot tub, a cold plunge pool, a jacuzzi, and a six-cycle vitality pool that features mini-massage stations in the warm water pool

You should arrive one hour and 15 minutes before your appointment to register, and be shown how to use and fully enjoy the circuit. 

With a spa day out, there are no absolutes. That being said, these top 5 spa treatments and the hydrotherapy circuit are the favorites of many. So come find out on an enchanting journey.  

Relax and unwind, it’s Spa Imagine treatment time! 

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